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Keeping Our Community Safe Through Collaboration

Keeping our community safe through collaboration

The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting changed much about how we think about school safety and what we can do to better protect our schools.

While participating in meetings with our school board about increasing school safety and training school personnel in the latest strategies in how to respond to an active shooter threat, I raised the following question: what are we doing to prepare future teachers in our colleges and universities for the post Marjorie Stoneman Douglas world they are about to enter?

Sadly, the answer appeared to be “nothing”.

I took that question a step further last summer to IRSC staff who oversee criminal justice and education degree programs and proposed we start preparing future teachers now.

After several meetings about what that training would look like and how we could incorporate it in the the Education degree program, a multi agency cadre of officers provided active shooter training to key IRSC faculty as a way to help develop their curriculum (picture provided).

Our cadre of officers was scheduled to provide active shooter training to the first generation of new teachers graduating from IRSC last April but COVID-19 had other plans for us.

Despite this setback, IRSC remains committed to providing active shooter training to future teachers, many of whom may seek employment in our school district, and we are working on providing them with a virtual option for Fall 2020 students.

This initiative is a work in progress as we continue to develop content and delivery methods focused on how to best prepare future teachers for our schools.

As your next sheriff, I will collaborate with the community to identify issues in advance of problems and work with stakeholders to achieve workable solutions that accomplish our mutual goals. Together, we will keep our community safe.

Keith Touchberry

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