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Council Of Champions

Council of Champions

A Moonshot Community is one that takes a stand for children, giving a voice to our youngest citizens and supporting their families for success. A Moonshot community works together to create literate, curious, compassionate life-long learners who will improve our world. Keith Touchberry, the chief of police of Fellsmere, exemplifies a leader in a Moonshot Community! Chief Touchberry recognizes that literacy is the path out of poverty, and he has embraced the Moonshot Moment Movement for Fellsmere.

As a community leader, he dedicates time to support the literacy goal —whether it is transporting our Moonshot Bookmobile to ensure we deliver free books all summer; reading in the schools to provide positive role models and connections; presenting the Moonshot message to the community; and most recently developing a model for police departments to embrace the third-grade reading goal through his new pilot, Moonshot Cadets and Kids program. Moonshot Cadets and Kids is in exemplary model of the Moonshot community. By partnering the current crop of police academy cadets with a local third grade class, the two groups are sharing their learning experience, encouraging each other to be successful in this pivotal learning year, and modeling how we continue to learn regardless of age. Our Moonshot community aims to grow this program and to use it as a model for other organizations in our community such that we are committed group of lifelong learners.


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