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Having a vision for the future of policing in Indian River County is important if we want to feel safe in everything we do.  Our community goal should always be to work together in the prevention and detection of crime so that we improve our quality of life.  To achieve this, I will implement this four point “FIRE PLAN” once elected and continuously evaluate its progress and modify as necessary to ensure success.

Fight crime:

  • Address recruiting and retention deficits to fill empty patrol zones and staff specialty units
  • Make better use of crime data to form plans and address crime where it occurs
  • Improve partnerships with local and federal agencies to address mutual crime problems
  • Dedicate personnel to juvenile crime unit
  • Engage our community for solutions

Invest in the welfare and development of IRCSO personnel:

  • Improve leadership and training
  • Implement a mentoring program to increase retention and aid in career planning
  • Diversify assignments
  • Address salary discrepancies
  • Focus on reducing employee health care costs
  • Ensure the availability of opportunities and administration of discipline are fair, impartial, and consistent.
  • Develop an early warning system to prevent misconduct
  • Engage our community for solutions

Reduce recidivism:

  • Channel arrestees to appropriate courts as applicable
  • Implement programs that focus on re-entry
  • Make better use of vacant jail space to address mental health and substance abuse
  • Engage our community for solutions

Engage our community:

The current pandemic and crisis over the killing of George Floyd have increased the importance of getting community input on this vision. How to protect and serve our community in a post COVID-19 world while we decide what criminal justice “reform” measures are necessary to ensure the public trust and maintain high levels of public safety are important issues to discuss. Our goal as a community should always be to work together if we are to reduce crime and enhance our quality of life. Please contact me via email at or call me at 772-643-5661 to share your thoughts!

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